Menu TV

An innovative tool that will empower your business to increase sells  through technology-rich digital displays.

menu-tv-large•Highlight & sell your most profitable items without being pushy

• Adjust menu prices or add new items quickly and seamlessly

•Easily try out new promotions and pricing

•Personalize your sells according to time & location of your business

•Alter consumer purchasing habits and upsell at the point-of-sale

• Scheduling promotions or making pricing/item changes are a snap

• Display specific messages at different locations

• Boost your brand perception

FAQ about Menu TV

How does it work?

We will install a device on your TV at the place of your business, this device will have to be connect to the HDMI outlet of your TV, the device has an android operative system which allows it to connect to the internet via WIFI and download the content of out menu.

Does it Technical support?

Yes, it does, technical support given to the account will depend on type of plan you purchase

Does the device have guarantee?

Yes, the device has a two year guarantee, if the devices stops working will send you a new one

For any other inquire please contact us for free consultation today 909-210-0012