Channel TV

Promote on your own TV channel and take control of your TVS by only showing your specific content.

channel-tv-large•Entertain and inform your clientele to reduce perceived wait times

• Increase profits by pushing higher margin items

• Sell to your costumer at their leisure

How does the Channel TV work?

We will install a device with up 60 minutes of customs programing for your customer to watch while they wait for any product or service.

The advantages of this content is that the screen can divided in section and while a music video is playing in the background we you can show a banner on the bottom of left to the screen with your promotions or discounts.

Channel TV is great even to sell advertising spaces for your business near you, you can easily share your Channel TV with the business in the same shopping center and you can create cross sale strategies.

The possibilities are endless with your Chanel TV.

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